Jarickson’s Mission

“As a second generation insurance broker, Paul Davies had a drive to help everyday people understand complex financial advice.”

Since beginning in 2003, Paul focussed on Life Insurance advice for investors and small business people to help streamline the idea of handling insurance for them.

As a property investor or small business person, your circumstances are constantly changing. Even though we specialise in personal insurance, we have a team of advisers we trust and use ourselves.

These include Buyers Agents, Conveyancers, Solicitors, Accountants and Mortgage Brokers. We want to make the advice you get is premium. Our reputation has been built on those we surround ourselves with.

So much so, we won the 2015 Financial Adviser of the Year award from ‘Your Property Investment Magazine’.

If you have had your personal insurance for more than 2 years and haven’t reviewed it, chances are you are paying too much.

Brokers & Accountants

Do you have the ability to give clients access to personal insurance?
Have you tried working with someone before and it just ‘didn’t work out’?
Or do you currently work with someone in Life Insurance and are not getting rewarded properly for your efforts?

Jarickson works with a range of other financial professionals such as:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Accountants
  • Buyers Agents
  • Solicitors
  • Business Brokers

We have a proven system that works. Speak to one of our professional clients for feedback on how our process works and how easy it is to have insurance advice as part of your product offering.

By using Jarickson as your expert insurance advice partner:

  • Your clients speak to you about family & business protection
  • Your clients seek your direction on estate planning
  • Your brand and business can leverage off 13 years of expert insurance advice
  • Grow this area of your business without the overheads
  • Retain clients who would otherwise work through other centres of influence.


At Jarickson, we rely on friendly, relaxed relationships with clients. It’s a serious business, so we have to make it fun. Our core values are what we live by in our business, but also in Life:

  • Don’t be Perfect, Be Honest
  • Help Others
  • Think outside the box
  • To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong
  • Refuse Mediocrity
  • Build open and honest relationships with Communication
  • Work Hard, StayHumble
  • Have Fun

The Legal Stuff:

Jarickson is a trading name of PD Financial Group Pty Ltd (ABN 34 106 744 585).

PD Financial Group Unit Trust ATF PD Financial Group Pty Ltd trading as Jarickson Insurance Brokers is an Australian Financial Services License Holder – AFS Licence No. 477186).

This website is intended to provide general information only and the information has been prepared without taking into account any particular person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting http://www.buy-trusted-tablets.com on such information, you should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. In particular you should seek financial advice and you should read the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) before making any decision about a product”.

Our complaint process

When you make a complaint to us we will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint and make sure we understand the issue
  • Do everything we can to fix the problem
  • Keep you informed of our progress
  • Keep a record of your complaint
  • Give you our name, a reference number and contact details so that you can follow up, if you like
  • Provide a final response within 45 days (most complaints can be resolved in a few days).

In the event of a delay and if we are unable to provide a final response to your complaint within 45 days, we will:

  • Inform you of the reasons for the delay
  • Advise of your right to complain to the relevant external dispute resolution scheme
  • Provide you with details of the relevant external dispute resolution scheme

We recommend that you:

  • Gather any documents and other supporting information
  • Keep detailed records of letters, names, times and dates relating to your complaint
  • Let us know how you would like the complaint to be resolved

External review

If you are not happy with the response our Customer Relations team provide, you may refer your complaint to external dispute resolution.

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) offers a free, independent dispute resolution service for the Australian banking, insurance and investment industries. You can contact AFCA on 1800 931 678, or by visiting www.afca.org.au.

The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) is a Commonwealth body that deals with complaints about superannuation. You can contact the SCT on 1300 884 114, or by writing to Superannuation Complaint Tribunal, Locked Bag 3060, GPO Melbourne, VIC 3001, or online at www.sct.gov.au.

Keeping your information safe
When you contact us we might record your telephone conversation and make notes about your contact. Any information that we record regarding your contact is subject to our Privacy Policy.

About Me

Paul Davies began Jarickson in 2003, and has been a specialist Life Insurance Broker ever since.

JARICKSON is the combination of Paul’s 3 children’s names: Java, Rick & Nelson. We all do things for our children, and our role is to help protect families and businesses from unexpected events in life. Providing money at a time when it’s needed most.

With a business that covers NSW, QLD and SA, this growth is a result of delivering what we say we will deliver.

“Insurance doesn’t have to be complex, our business is built on simplicity. Easy to understand communication that ‘TEACHES’ you all the necessary facts so you are armed with the tools to make an informed decision.”

We don’t sell, we educate. And that is what makes all the difference.

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