• Do you own a business?
  • Do you employ someone responsible for revenue and key production for the business?
  • If you lost that person, would your business suffer any financial loss?

These are part of many questions when determining whether a business needs keyperson cover.

Basically, if you rely on someone, whether it’s yourself as the business owner, or a key employee or partner in the business who gets sick, disabled or dies, what backup plan do you have?

Here are some potential things to think about when discussing this in your meetings:keyperson-insurance

  • Key Accounts with a relationship with that key person
  • Debt that has personal guarantees
  • Shareholding that will need to be paid to the estate
  • Cost of recruitment
  • General loss of profit

Jarickson is one of the very few expert advisers in this field and we pride ourselves, and are known in the industry for our advice in this matter.

You or your account, business adviser or financial planner can discuss with us the need and we would love to go through it with you. Unlike most, we love this part of our job. We enjoy solving small business problems!

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